In this annual report we will explain what we did in 2018 to fulfil the customer promise and how we created moments of connectivity between customers, colleagues and society. The structure of this report is based on our purpose: Enjoyment and Progress with every Connection. We start the annual report with our Strategy and Financial Results and conclude the report with the Developments in our organization.

It’s obvious that we put people centre stage in everything we do. For our customers this means we always try to exceed their expectations. So they can enjoy all our products and services. Our customers appreciate those efforts, which is shown by higher scores in customer satisfaction.

Jeroen Hoencamp

Facts and figures

  • Revenues

    3.895 billion

  • Converged customers

    1.5 million

  • Fixed connections

    3.9 million

  • Mobile connections

    5 million

  • Improving children’s digital skills


  • Active users Ziggo GO

    1.5 million