Connection: valuable contacts between people

Building connections, creating relationships. So people can contact each other and can enjoy what the world has to offer. That is something you recognize in all our products and services. We enable phone calls between a grandmother and her grandson in America. We see to it that an email is received by the customer in the blink of an eye. We enable a Formula 1 fan to enjoy Max Verstappen’s overtaking manoeuvres live.

To make such moments possible, VodafoneZiggo realizes actual connections. Through cable, 4G, Wi-Fi, IoT – you name it. All those connections together are very valuable for society, as they make cities and villages smarter, safer and more social. They bring people together and generate more mutual understanding between individuals and communities. We find it important that everyone can reap the benefits of the chances created by digital connectivity. We want to contribute to the digital welfare of all people in the Netherlands. By making them digitally skilled and teaching them how to maintain a balance between the online world and ‘real’ life.

We want everyone to be able to participate in the digital society and to do so in a responsible way. We support, amongst others, underprivileged groups in society, so they too can experience the value of connections. We have special programmes aimed at acquiring digital skills, for example for pupils in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, people that are badly off or senior citizens who have missed the digital boat. For schools we have developed teaching programmes that also focus on the downsides of a digital life and teach children how to maintain a digital balance. In a playful manner they learn how to use social media in a sensible way, to stop gaming in time and to distinguish between fake news and genuine news.

This year we identified not only the positive, but also the negative effects of digitization. People lagging behind in society due to insufficient digital skills. People losing the digital balance. We use special programmes to ensure as many people as possible can take part in the digital society.

Marieke Dekker
Executive Director External Affairs

Facts and figures

  • Making children more digitally skilled[1]


  • Children Experience Day


  • No Isolation Robots


  • Cooperation social organizations


  • 1 Over this indicator KPMG has provided limited assurance. See also section 'About this report'.