Going the extra mile for the customer

Every day thousands of customers contact our customer service employees. They try to make a genuine connection with the customer in question and really listen to all the complaints, tips and compliments. They strive to come up with an adequate and fast solution for the customer’s issue. Preferably, they take it one step further, exceeding the customer’s expectations.

Sick father can witness birth online

Cheyenne Huige, employee of the VodafoneZiggo shop in Roosendaal, was visited by a heavily pregnant customer last year. The woman talked about the baby being due soon, but that her partner wouldn’t be able to be present at birth. He was admitted to hospital and diagnosed with ‘acute leukaemia’. The woman enquired about the possibilities of Multi Data Sim, since she and her husband – with him being in hospital – wanted more frequent email and WhatsApp contact. Cheyenne was so moved by the story that she wanted to do something special for this customer. To enable the sick husband to witness the birth of his child in some way or another. Cheyenne contacted her colleague Wendy at customer service in Maastricht and asked about possible options. After consulting with other colleagues and managers, they came up with a wonderful solution for the customer. They would give her a tablet, equipped for live streaming, so the soon-to-be dad could witness the birth of the baby from his hospital bed. On Friday 28 September the tablet would be sent to the customer. But then there was a hitch, as the courier service indicated they couldn’t deliver the package until Monday – while the woman had by now reached her due date... Monday could well be too late. Wendy then decided to bring the tablet to the customer herself. She drove from Maastricht to Roosendaal to deliver it in person and to check if everything was in good working order. The woman was over the moon about this solution. And timing proved perfect, since that very evening she gave birth to a little boy, named Twan.

Digging holes for TV Rijnmond fan

Hundreds of VodafoneZiggo customers are switching over from watching analogue to digital TV. We do our best to implement that transition as smoothly as possible. But sometimes there is a hitch. For example because some health care institutions have their own network, which is outside our scope. That was the case with the health care institution in Rotterdam where Mr. Adriaanse lives. He could no longer receive his favourite channel TV Rijnmond and was not amused whatsoever. He approached the first person that visited the home. That person turned out to be not one of our servicemen but Hugo de Jonge, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport! He posted a message on LinkedIn about this meeting, which we immediately responded to. This is how we came into contact with the care home. Not much later, our serviceman Jasper set to work and made all the digital TV channels available to all the inhabitants that very same day. Upon running some tests, one of the optical fibre network cables also turned out to be damaged. Jasper dug a trench himself in order to repair the cable. When that was done, he went to see Mr. Adriaanse, who was very pleased he could now watch his beloved TV Rijnmond again. Jasper also explained the use of the remote control while he was there.