Products and services

VodafoneZiggo offers products and services in the field of television, broadband internet, telephony and mobile data traffic to consumers and business customers in the Netherlands.


  • A basic TV subscription provides the customer with at least 45 television channels and numerous radio channels.

  • The total channel portfolio consists of entertainment, sports, films, documentaries, lifestyle programmes, news, adult, children, ethnic, foreign and pay TV channels.

  • The customer can watch TV where, when and how he wants, for example with a digital videorecorder, a multimedia modem or a mobile app.

  • The smart user interface enables the customer to watch linear (‘normal’) TV, video on demand or personal media.

  • It is possible to watch and share media on multiple devices. With the mobile app Ziggo GO customers can watch a second screen throughout the EU.

Broadband internet

  • VodafoneZiggo wants to offer good network connections to its customers, always and everywhere. That is why we invest in our broadband network, mobile services, Wi-Fi solutions and indoor equipment.

  • Customers have access to the network through a cable modem or a wireless connection through a Wi-Fi gateway. They can choose between various internet speeds, up to 400 megabit per second for consumers and up to 500 megabit per second for small business customers.

  • Our internet services include email, address book and software for parental supervision.

  • At an extra charge, we offer additional services, like online storage options, more web space and protection against viruses, spyware and spam.

  • With Wi-Fi spots customers also have access to wireless internet outdoors. This services uses the Wi-Fi routers of customers, without compromising the security of the users.

Fixed telephony

  • The fixed telephony line of VodafoneZiggo uses the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

  • A basic subscription gives access to a fixed telephony connection with a choice of multiple options, like unlimited calling within the network, calls to national or international numbers and off-peak calling.

  • At an extra charge, we offer services like an additional telephone line, a Personal Call Manager to manage incoming and outgoing calls and a unified messaging service to receive messages of different ‘formats’ in one shared inbox. The Personal Call Manager gives the customer a complete overview of e.g. incoming and outgoing calls, chosen numbers and duration of the calls.

Mobile services

  • Through our mobile services customers are connected wherever they are. We provide good and fast connections with sufficient capacity.

  • Our mobile customers can call, text, use the internet, stream music and watch TV, wherever and whenever they want, indoors as well as outdoors.

  • Mobile traffic uses our 2G, 3G and 4G networks that all have national coverage. On certain conditions, VodafoneZiggo provides access to its mobile networks to third parties that sell mobile data services under private label.

Converged services

Our customers can purchase products in packages, combining two, three or four services. This applies to:

  • Internet

  • TV

  • Fixed telephony

  • Mobile services

Business services

VodafoneZiggo provides a dedicated services package for its business customers in six categories:

  • Mobile services, like worldwide calling, texting, mobile data and Internet of Things

  • Telephony services, like Voice over IP telephony, conference calls and switch boards for internal use

  • Data services, like internet access, virtual private networks, point-to-point connections and managed Wi-Fi networks

  • Television and internet services for business customers to offer to their clients

  • Additional services, like web-hosting, cloud storage and services for safe working, like protection against DDoS attacks

  • Converged fixed and mobile services, tailor-made for the business customer like Skype for Business.