Value for the customer, value for our company

The connections VodafoneZiggo realizes, represent two kinds of value. On the one hand the value for our company: the fixed and mobile connections constitute the basis of our revenues. Our customers pay for our communication and media services, like telephone subscriptions, All-in-1 packages and cable connections. In 2018 their contributions resulted in sales amounting to 3.9 billion euro.

On the other hand our services represent a value to society. This value consists of numerous factors, like happiness generated by a service, its level of environmental friendliness, the extent to which it contributes to a safe living environment or the extent to which a service helps companies achieve their targets.

In any case, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the benefits of the digital revolution. That is why we consider ways to do things better and look at the impact of all the changes on well-being, productivity and the environment. We look into technological solutions that can improve connections between people all over the world.

Smart technology for a better society

One of the developments significantly contributing towards a safer and more social society is IoT. This network of intelligent connections between devices enables, for instance, smart garbage containers to alert the city sanitation services when they are full. As a result, there are fewer dustcarts on the road and CO2 emission is reduced. Another example is fall detection. Senior citizens who are not very good on their legs, wear a bracelet with a transmitter and a sensor that recognizes any fall of the person in question. Should that happen, a caretaker or emergency service is immediately notified, so they can come to the rescue.

In future, connections will only become more intelligent. Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes devices self-learning, enabling them to improve even faster on their own. The speed at which companies invent and introduce new technologies, increases by the year. The value of connections is increasing by the day.

Allies: robots for children with a long-term illness

With the Allies project, we help children with a long-term illness to stay in touch with their classmates, family and friends. This is done by means of a special robot. VodafoneZiggo provides the 4G connection and lends out twenty of these robots to Dutch children, to prevent them from social isolation. They don’t have to miss any classes and can even play outside in a virtual way.

The AV1 robot is invented by the Norwegian firm No Isolation. The Child and Hospital Foundation ensures the twenty robots are allocated properly. In this way, the Vodafone Foundation makes an 'Internet of Things' solution accessible to a larger group of children.