About this report

With this annual report we provide information to our stakeholders about the main developments, performance and themes of 2018. We draw an honest picture of things that went well and provide insight in the challenges we see ahead of us. In addition, we refer to our corporate website https://www.vodafoneziggo.nl/en/, which contains new information about the latest developments and projects.

Design and contents

The annual report was partly realized thanks to the efforts of the internal working group Reporting. This was made up of eleven senior managers, each of whom was responsible for the content of at least one chapter. Together with the ten board members, they agreed on the design of the report and provided all the qualitative and quantitative data for the report. The complete board reviewed the draft text of the annual report and agreed on the final version. The department Societal Value is responsible for the composition, final editing and publication of this annual report.

KPMG has provided limited assurance on:

  • The number of children whose digital skills were improved with Online Masters as shown on page 8 of the PDF version of the Dutch version of the Annual Report;

  • The Carbon Footprint as shown on page 107 of the PDF version of the Dutch version of the Annual Report.

The original annual report was drafted in Dutch. This document is an English translation of the original. In the case of any discrepancies between the English and the Dutch text, the latter will prevail.

The reporting criteria of the sustainability performance are the applied internal reporting criteria based on the definitions of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol.

Our ambition

Our goal is to produce an even more transparent and detailed annual report, in which we focus on the subjects our stakeholders attach the most importance to. To gain a clear insight into the exact impact we have on the world around us, we will commission regular impact studies in the coming years.

In case you have any questions about this annual report or VodafoneZiggo, please send an email to pers@vodafoneziggo.com.

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