Corporate Governance

Organizational structure

VodafoneZiggo is a joint venture of the Dutch divisions of Vodafone Group and Liberty Global, Vodafone Netherlands and Ziggo respectively. The parent companies are the shareholders of VodafoneZiggo and have an equal interest.

The company was officially established on 31 December 2016, after the approval by the European Commission and the works councils of former Ziggo and Vodafone. VodafoneZiggo is governed by the management board and the Supervisory Board.

Management board (SLT)

The management board is charged with the day-to-day management and is responsible for developing a long-term vision and defining a corporate strategy.

The management board consists of the CEO, CFO and eight board members representing the following business units:

  • Strategy Insights & Integration

  • Consumer Business

  • Enterprise Business

  • Customer Operations

  • Technology

  • HR

  • Legal & Regulatory

  • External Affairs

  • Finance

The supervisory board appoints the CEO, the CFO and the CTO.

Supervisory Board

The role of the Supervisory Board (SB) is to provide advice and to supervise the management board. The board consists of eight members:

  • Three members appointed by Liberty Global

  • Three members appointed by Vodafone Group

  • Two independent members appointed by the works councils of former Vodafone and Ziggo

The SB met five times this year and discussed various topics, among which:

  • telecom trends

  • strategy

  • status updates regarding integration

  • human resources policy

  • financial results

  • status updates of key programmes


The board has committed itself to the Corporate Governance Code, in which the Dutch government has laid down rules of management conduct. The aim of the code is to protect all stakeholders of the company. VodafoneZiggo subscribes to the code and ensures the board puts them into practice on a daily basis.

Composition of the management board

The management board consists of the following members:

​Jeroen Hoen​camp – CE​O​

​Jeroen worked for Vodafone Group for 18 years. Until his appointment as CEO of VodafoneZiggo, he was CEO of Vodafone Ireland & UK and Vodafone Netherlands, respectively. ​

Ritchy Drost – CFO​

Ritchy was CFO of Ziggo and before that, he worked for Liberty Global for 17 years, e.g. as CFO of the European division of Liberty Global and UPC Netherlands.​​

Thomas Mulder – Executive Director Human Reso​urces

Thomas was the HR director of Vodafone Netherlands. From January 2017 he worked in London as Global HR Director for the corporate division Group Enterprise. In the summer of 2018 he returned to the Netherlands. On 1 August 2018 he succeeded Anja Maassen van den Brink.

​​Jo​h​n van Vianen – Executive Director Busine​ss-to-Business​

John was CEO of KPN Business Market and member of the Executive Committee of KPN. Under his leadership IT Solutions (formerly Getronics) integrated with KPN.

​​M​arcel de Groot - Executive Director Business-to-Consumer​​

Marcel was Consumer Business Unit Director of Vodafone Netherlands and prior to that, held that same position at Vodafone Ireland. He started his career at GlaxoSmithKline.​​

​Robi​​n Clements – Executive Director Customer Operations

​Robin worked for KPN for 15 years in various operational and sales positions, in fixed telephony, mobile telephony as well as the internet division. Until recently he worked for Achmea Centraal Beheer and FBTO where he was responsible for marketing, sales and service in the private and small business market.​

​Eben ​Albertyn – Executive Director Technology

Eben was Technology Director Vodafone Netherlands. Prior to his arrival in the Netherlands, he held a number of technical senior executive positions at telecom companies in Africa.​​​

Barbara J​ongerden – Executive Director Legal & Regulatory​

Barbara was Corporate Affairs & Strategy Director at Vodafone Nederland. Before that, she worked at PwC, Corporate Express (now Staples) and Liberty Global.​​​

Marieke Dekker – Executive Director External Affairs

Marieke was Senior Vice President Corporate Affairs at Ziggo en member of the Corporate Affairs-team at Li​​​berty Global. Prior to that, she was director Public Affairs ​of ‘ONL voor ondernemers’.

​Robin Kroes – Executive Director Strategy Insights & Integration

Robin was Senior Vice President ​Strategy & Integration at Ziggo. From 2012 he was Vice President Strategy & Corporate Development UPC Netherlands. He started his career at Chello Media.​​​​

Composition of the Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board consists of the following members:

Serpil Timuray (Chair)

(1969, Turkish)
CCO Europe Cluster Vodafone Group Plc

Diederik Karsten (Vice Chair)

(1956, Dutch)
Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer Liberty Global

Baptiest Coopmans

(1965, Dutch)
Senior Vice President Technology Operations Liberty Global

Charlie Bracken

(1966, British)
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Liberty Global

Margherita Della Valle

(1965, Italian)
Chief Financial Officer Vodafone Group Plc

John Otty

(1964, British)
Group Financial Controller Vodafone Group Plc

Huub Willems

(1944, Dutch)
Professor Corporate Litigation at the University of Groningen and former chairman of the Netherlands Enterprise Court at the Amsterdam Court of Appeal.

Carla Mahieu

(1959, Dutch)
Global Head Human Resources and Executive Vice President Aegon N.V.

Retired in 2018:

Warren Finegold, retired on 29 June
Nick Read, retired on 29 June
Ahmed Essam, retired on 31 December

The Supervisory Board has two committees (composition as of 31 December 2018):

  • the Audit & Risk Committee
    Margherita Della Valle (Chair), Charlie Bracken, Baptiest Coopmans and Serpil Timuary

  • the Remuneration & Nomination Committee
    Diederik Karsten (Chair), Serpil Timuray, Charlie Bracken and John Otty

In 2018, the Supervisory Board met on 26 January, 19 April, 17 September, 1 November and 3 December.