Building a new culture together

After the creation of VodafoneZiggo, we used the input of more than 600 colleagues to define a culture in which people feel appreciated and are able to bring out the best in themselves. One thing was clear from the beginning: the level of success of everything we do within our industry and our company, depends on our people and their way of working together. By opening up to each other and to new ideas, by collaborating and going the extra mile, we can make a success of the strategy of VodafoneZiggo. Everything we do at VodafoneZiggo, we do with our values in mind:

Open Up

Think yes! Be honest and optimistic. Be open to new connections, ideas and situations. Put yourself in the shoes of colleagues. Share your experiences. Stay curious. And the good thing is, the more you open up, the more you learn.

Team Up

Be ready to help. Support each other. Trust each other. Value your differences. Join forces. Use the energy. Stick to your word. Keep each other on their toes. Celebrate every success together. And the good thing is, the more we collaborate, the more we achieve together.

Step Up

Get out of your comfort zone. Set the barrier high. And higher. Dare to innovate. Take the lead and accept responsibility. Put quality first. Each day. For every customer. And the good thing is, the more we achieve, the higher the scores from our customers.

A new culture like that doesn’t happen overnight, but evolves slowly. This is a gradual process, when our people work together to offer our customers the best products and service, demonstrating the added value of the combination of Vodafone and Ziggo. In this, the values mentioned above serve as guidance. Managers set an example and coach the staff, ensuring that organizational policy and internal communication are aligned. Especially in the initial phase of the joint venture we believe it’s important to pay ample attention to the development of the culture.

Culture activation

Throughout the year we organized activities under the label of 'Up We Go', in which we highlighted each one of the three core values in turn. It gave staff the chance to experience what they entailed for our customers, for themselves and for our organization. We offered exercises that touched upon behaviour in connection with a particular value. We enabled staff and their teams to practise this behaviour and to discuss it among each other. The objective was to understand which behaviour could be stimulated to cooperate even more efficiently and create even more enthusiasm.