The promise we make to our customers is that they can always expect excellent products and an outstanding customer experience from us. To live up to that promise, we are guided by four strategic pillars in everything we do:

Fulfilling the customer promise

Over time, our products, processes and networks became more and more complex behind the scenes. We believe customers shouldn’t really notice that. Which is why we work hard to improve our processes and clean up obsolete equipment. Some examples:

Superb customer experience

We clearly map out the steps a customer needs to take before they can use a certain product. We ensure that journey goes smoothly and as well as possible.

Clearing obsolete equipment and simplifying portfolio

We reduce the number of IT platforms and replace outdated broadband modems and media boxes. As a result it becomes easier to implement IT changes and further improve the customer experience.

Higher network standards

We constantly invest in our mobile and fixed network, resulting in a very high quality standard. We make our network architecture simpler, reduce the number of human errors and enhance performance.

Effective IT and processes

To service our customers as best we can, we need to fully understand their needs and be able to modify our products accordingly without delay. To that end we simplify and improve the provision of information and our IT systems.

Putting the customer centre stage

It seems so obvious, putting the customer centre stage. But there is always room for improvement. The customer must be the focus point in every decision we make and all our actions. To that end we developed several initiatives, such as:

The customer in our DNA

We want to be an attractive employer in hiring and retaining the best people. It’s essential that the customer is put centre stage during the selection process and training of our employees, so this is embedded in their behaviour.

Existing customers first

By responding adequately to the needs of existing customers, they stay with us longer and purchase more services. Fixed and mobile customers, for example, can profit from our converged propositions with extras.

Providing fantastic products

As a provider of fixed ánd mobile network services we have a strong market position in the Netherlands and we are relevant to customers. That is why we work hard to introduce new products and to grow existing products, like our converged propositions, the new media box, the Wi-Fi Power Promise and Internet of Things:

Best content and viewing experience

Our ambition is to offer the best and most varied entertainment and to deliver a trouble-free viewing experience to our customers.

Best internet

VodafoneZiggo has a ramified and first-class infrastructure in the Netherlands, fixed as well as mobile. Nevertheless, our customers still believe connections can be improved.

Best converged propositions

Combining fixed and mobile products offers multiple benefits to our customers, such as great discounts, additional TV packages and a safe online package. Since we started offering converged subscriptions for internet, TV ánd mobile in April 2017, over 1 million households purchased such a package.

Internet of Things and Smart City

VodafoneZiggo is leading in solutions for Internet of Things (IoT). Especially to our business customers we provide significant added value because of the national coverage of our IoT network, for example, and the expertise of our parent companies Liberty Global and Vodafone Group.

Investing for the future

The technology for fixed and mobile communication is changing at a sensational speed. At the horizon, tomorrow’s technologies already become manifest. Our customers expect us to be prepared for the future. We make sure we are. They can rely on us building the networks of the future:

Our network ready for the future

The current fixed network of VodafoneZiggo is future-proof. Today consumers experience a maximum speed of 400 megabit per second. We can increase this up to 1 gigabit per second (and even more later on). The existing 4G network meets the requirements of most customers, but we need to keep investing. Among other things, we do this by ‘network virtualization’, a method that ensures the network becomes even better and more reliable. In the meantime, we make plans for the next generation networks and technologies.

Advanced customer data analyses

To provide our customers with the best possible service, we need to understand their needs and requirements. We get a clear picture of these when we use the available data. For the customer this has several benefits. We can suggest some nice series or films, for example. Or, if a customer doesn’t make many calls, we can suggest a cheaper mobile subscription. It goes without saying that we only use this data upon his or her approval. To that end, we improve the alignment of activities among our sales, operational and technical departments.

Focus on digital in all channels

We believe our customer contacts should be conducted even more digitally than they already are now. More and more consumers are using the self-service app and also subscriptions are to a large extent sold in a digital way.