Stakeholder dialogues and material topics

How we create value

As VodafoneZiggo we want to create value for our 'stakeholders': our customers, employees and society. To achieve that, we deploy a wide range of people and means. Together they constitute the input for our organization. As a result, we can, among other things, service our customers, develop products and services and carry out maintenance in our networks. Everything the organization makes and initiates, is called the output. This represents a certain value to every stakeholder. As a company we operate at the heart of society. We influence that society and it influences us. These external influences affect all elements of our value creation model.

Our stakeholders

VodafoneZiggo enables communication between individuals, organizations, authorities, companies and various population groups – everyone participating in our society. In doing so, we serve a huge social interest and we are aware of the responsibility that comes with it. As a result, we feel a commitment to society like no-one else.

Representatives of the society

We enter into a dialogue with various stakeholders to be in touch with the key issues in the world around us and to better understand the role they see for us as VodafoneZiggo. Based on that knowledge, we try to align our strategy and choices with their needs and values as best we can.

VodafoneZiggo distinguishes three groups of stakeholders, together constituting a broad representation of society:

  1. general public (customers and non-customers)

  2. employees

  3. professional stakeholders

This last group is subdivided into:

  • politics

  • ministries and regulators

  • industry

  • influencers and experts

  • social organizations

Material topics

By means of our stakeholder dialogues we constantly gather information from these stakeholders. The External Affairs department gathers all this information and reports with regular intervals to the management board that in turn decides which actions are required.

Using surveys and personal interviews, we asked the three stakeholder groups a number of questions regarding a number of material topics. We asked them how important they considered certain topics to be for our reputation and how they rated our performance on these topics.

  1. Attractive employership
    Makes an effort to be a responsible and attractive employer.

  2. Cyber security
    Complies with the law, has control over its own systems and processes, safeguards the security of customer data.

  3. Digital participation
    Makes an effort to enable as many people as possible (including underprivileged digital groups) to participate in the digital society on an equal basis.

  4. Financial performance
    Is financially sound, performs in according with goals and is focused on growth.

  5. Impact on society
    Is aware of its role in society, is socially committed and acts responsibly in view of a better world.

  6. Impact on the environment
    Is aware of its environmental impact, feels responsible and makes an effort for a clean world.

  7. Invests in the future
    Invests in (technological) developments that prepare the organization and the customers for the future.

  8. Network continuity
    Has a reliable network and good network quality (network coverage and capacity and speed of fixed and/or mobile internet, few disruptions).

  9. Open to change
    Is innovative, flexible and proactive in changing circumstances and open to the development and use of innovative services, applications, products and content.

  10. Privacy
    Safeguards the privacy of customers and users and handles personal customer data in a responsible way (as well as using big data appropriately).

  11. Professional organization
    Is a credible, professional organization you can rely on.

  12. Service and communication
    Puts the customer centre stage in its service provision and communication, one to one as well as in the media.

  13. Unique entertainment
    Offers unique and high-quality content (broadcasting packages).

  14. Vision and leadership
    Has a clear vision and is leading in the public debate about telecom trends and issues and acts according to its own vision.

  15. Value for money
    Provides products and service that are good value for money.