Improving managers and employees

To achieve our goals and make our strategy succeed, they need to be embedded in the organization. We want every employee to feel involved in the choices we make and the values we commit to. For that reason we paid a lot of attention to organizational development in 2018, in order for all colleagues to feel engaged with each other and the organization.

'People leaders' essential for realizing strategy

We call managers 'people leaders', because they put people at the centre of everything they do. They bring out the best in their team by providing a framework for the diversity of talents, personalities and experience and by providing development opportunities. All 575 people leaders of VodafoneZiggo participated from September up to November 2018 in the VodafoneZiggo Leadership Journey. In this programme they learned the skills that are needed for the ongoing development of our organization, more specifically:

  • Leading (parts of) the organization

  • Inspiring employees

  • Delivering results

Furthermore, we also teach managers how to effectively stimulate the desired culture within our company. Furthermore, we want to bring leaders throughout the organization together in the VodafoneZiggo Leadership Community where they can meet to exchange ideas, inspire and support each other. In 2019 we will continue this and launch the Leadership Game, a smartphone application to practise the people management skills that people leaders need to have. In 2019 we will also make the Management Skills Suite available in our online learning environment. In doing so, we enable people leaders to keep improving their people management skills.

Experience Center: interactive and inspiring

The Experience Center is located on the second floor of the new Central Office. It’s a place where we enable our customers, stakeholders, new colleagues and prospective colleagues to experience what we stand for and what the background and goals of our company are. In an open environment of 600 square metres we offer plenty of interactive and inspiring stories. We create an experience that lasts, e.g. by organizing sessions for customers who can experience who we are and what we do, and for pupils whom we familiarize with the digital world through the teaching programme 'Digital Life'.

Development plan for people leaders and team

The people leaders make a personal development plan as well as a plan to involve the people in their team in the changes the organization is going through. They improve their technique of providing and receiving feedback and learn methods how to better reflect on their own performance and that of employees.


Another element of the organizational development supporting the integration and culture of VodafoneZiggo, is 'reboarding'. In 2018, all employees of the new Central Office participated in reboarding meetings in our Experience Center in Utrecht. Three-hour sessions provided in-depth knowledge about our products, services, vision, mission, strategy, values and customer experience. The sessions were led by a senior management member, assisted by one of the culture ambassadors of the Central Office. The feedback on the reboarding sessions was so positive that we consider to offer them to all our employees.